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South West England

Beach fishing, Dorset

Dorset enjoys a spectacular and varied coast line. Sandy flats at Poole and sandbanks give way to the spectacular cliffs and ledges of the Purbecks. Rolling chalk hills create the high white cliffs from Lulworth to Ringstead with the famous Durdle door in the middle. There are rocks that abut deep water and even tidal streams. Steep shelving pebble storm beaches and flat sandy areas dotted with reefs and shoals Beyond Weymouth there is the Rugged rocky Portland bill then the long sweep of Chesil Beach right along to Lyme Regis. Much of this coast is inaccessible or accessible only after a pretty long hike .

What to expect

  • Normally start according to tide duration approximately 6 hours
  • You will need to provide your own lunch or visit a local pub.
  • Introduction to Saltwater fly fishing
  • Understanding equipment & tackle
  • Basic casts
  • Casting tuition
  • Practise routines
  • Basic fly selection and practical knots

What it costs

Day course £185 including all fishing and tackle.

Boat Fishing, Dorset Coast

Saltwater fly fishing from a center console boat is pretty much standard practice in the warmer parts of the world. Its unusual in the UK but we have Bass Pollock and Mackerel and a load of other species that can be targeted with a fly. It's all there to be discovered. The boat is fast and can reach those little rips that develop at certain times in the tide cycle quickly, then move on to another feature. The boat also allows access to parts of the shoreline rarely visited.

What to expect

  • For safety reasons fly fishing from the boat is for competent casters only. Double haul is essential, if you feel unsure, please book a casting lesson first.
  • Normally set off from Weymouth Harbor at 9am return 4 - 5pm.
  • You need to provide your own packed lunch
  • Introduction to Saltwater fly fishing
  • Understanding equipment & tackle
  • Fly selection and knots
  • The boat is also available for lure and bait fishing, though equipment is only provided for fly fishing.

What it costs

Boat, tackle and guide is £350 per full day (6hrs) for 1 or 2 persons and £75 for an additional person. Summer evenings and early mornings sessions (3-4hrs) also available at £175 -£250

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