Fly casting


Casting is an important part of fly fishing. Casting well and without undue effort will enable you to concentrate more on the fishing. Problems that have developed over the years can be ironed out and new techniques learned properly.

Additional skills like double hauling, spey's and rolls, double handed casting, and presentation casts for specialist situations can be covered easily on still, moving water or saltwater. If you are keen to go out on the boat to try your hand at saltwater species double haul is an essential skill so please book a lesson if you need a brush up.

What to expect

  • Full analysis of your casting style an, if necessary, adaptation to fit with your aims
  • Understanding equipment and its relation to basic casting
  • Casting tuition for any level of ability
  • Practice routines establish to reinforce what you have learned
  • Recommendation of suitable equipment to suit personal style

What it costs

Casting tuition at Tollpuddle or Weymouth is £35 per hour ( minimum of 2 hours for initial visit) or at a location of your choice ( + travel). This includes use of all tackle if required.

Personal requirements

Over the years I have taught a several people to cast and fish who have limited mobility. Contact me to discuss your requirements and we'll work together to achieve your goals.